Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Speech Excerpts from AIMUN Opening Session Edited by Abdi Latif Dahir

Nairobi, Kenya -- The African International Model of the United Nations kicked off with a session of speeches where delegates representing different countries gave out their concerns and deliberations from their own countries. Here are a few excerpts from some of those speeches.

Statement by H.E. Fatuma Adam Hussein – Minister of Defence for the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
“The Secretary General, President of the Assembly, Vice President, Chairperson, my fellow delegates and all protocols observed.
Greetings from His Excellency, President Hugo Chavez, one of the greatest men in the world. We are honoured to be participating in this conference: Africa International Model of United Nations (AIMUN).
It is part of our policy to promote economic, social and political security not only in our country, but also for our neighbouring countries and throughout the globe.
Viva la Cuba, Viva la Castro, y mucho importante viva el Socialismo.
Thank You.”

Ijeoma Aginga

“Honourable delegates, Members of the dais, all protocols observed. Salam Aleikum.
Greetings from President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and the people of Somalia.
As much as our country has been racked by chaos and conflict, we come eager and willing to help make the world a better place and to see the successful fulfilment of all the adopted agendas.
We come humbled, albeit proud to be part of this conference and to deliberate with such esteemed delegates. We hope for a most fruitful conference. Thank You.”

“Greetings! Honourable delegates and members of the dais, all protocols observed.
Greetings from our Chief Brother Muamar Gaddafi. It is my humble pleasure to partake in this inaugural conference. We the delegates representing the great Socialist State of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya are honoured to be here. As the head of the African Union, we hope to bring important topics to the floor concerning this continent, such as the eradication of poverty, the Darfur issue, economic development and other issues. Libya is committed to any resolutions that we deem prudent. Thank You.”

Western Sahara
“President, Secretary General and Honourable delegates, all the protocols observed. Greetings from the President and the people of the Saharawe Arab Democratic Republic (SADR).
The sovereignty and freedom that most people enjoy, we as the people from Western Sahara lack. Most of you might not be aware, but we are still colonized.
The pleasure and opportunities that come with freedom of liberty, life and power are lacked in our country. We hope during this conference, we shall take steps to help in decolonization of our country from Morocco. Thank you and hope to have a fruitful deliberation.

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